Cream and Grey Picture Frames with of Eithne's Hand's Poetry. Black text printed on cream card
Old Woman of the Old Road
After Padraic Colum Old Woman of the Roads

Oh to have a little calm
Reclaim the moss and grass and wall
No more crosses to be added
Rarely any traffic at all

I could be busy my new days
Letting my verges, hedges grow
I was built for slower times -
The pony and trap, the long ago

I could be quiet then at night
Away from glare and light and horn
A distant hum from the new N4
To lull me to sleep from dark to dawn

Och but I’m tired of lorry and truck
And rarely a gap between van and car
And jaded I am of stop and start
And headlights undimmed in the dark.

So now I’d like to be forgotten
watch spiders weave in morning dew
All I want in the days ahead
Is to see much less of all of you

Eithne Hand
Walk the Unopened Road

A tongue of tarmac licks through townlands 
of meadow and lake – a landscape 

of nothing slowly becoming a something - 
today, our Sunday footsteps are the only sounds. 

Mini diggers, JCB’s, Surface 
Dressers catch their breath and rest. 

A house deserted for years, peeps out, 
its faded eyebrows looking surprised. 

Grasses wave in unnaturally straight lines, 
sending eager roots downwards. 

Sheep, cows, horses raise their heads 
diverted by us two-legged creatures. 

Here, on pristine asphalt, a Hairy Molly, 
safe for now, tests the still sticky surface. 
Eithne Hand
Backseat on the new N4

                     Hey Mum, how long more?
Tap your Are We There Yet App

                     I want to be there NOW
Sh, pet I’m just finishing a zoom meeting

                     You never look at the road anymore
I don’t need to

                     We’ll crash
No we won’t

                     But you’re not paying attention
The car will warn me

                     What if it breaks down – in its mind
Noah, it’s not going to break down

                     But what if it did…
You’re perfectly safe, I promise

                     I’m bored
Try the puzzles

                     They’re stupid
Play one with your brother

                     Look! Horse!
Why not sleep for a while

                     Mum, I’m hungry
We’ll eat at Granny’s

                     I hate Granny’s
You love Granny’s

                     I want to go in those fields
Pull down the blind

                     But I want to see the cows
The sun is too bright

                     and there’s some sheeps
Watch the Babe movie again

                     Wow, that cow has a white star on its head
You’ll feel sick …

                     Why will I feel sick
…if you look out too much.

                     Mum, all the mountains here have pimples on top?
Don’t be silly.

                     They do – there’s another one. Why do they?
I don’t know. Ask Google.

Eithne Hand
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